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Revised requirement regarding the new, quick procedure for acquiring Permanent Residency in Cyprus to third country nationals who invest in Cyprus (Regulation 6.2)


1. The applicant must present fixed deposit account certificate for the amount of €30.000 blocked for a period of three years in a Cypriot Bank and proof that the amount transferred from abroad

2. The applicant with his wife/her husband must prove a secured annual income of a capital of €30.000 at least, from sources other than employment in Cyprus

3. The applicant must provide the Authorities with title of ownership of property in Cyprus or contract of sale of a built property in Cyprus of a minimum market value of €300.000+Vat

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Family in Airport


  • The Island of Love and Romance!

  • The Birthplace of  Aphrodite,the Greek goddess of love

  • Strategic location on the crossroads of 3 continents (Europe, Asia and Africa)

  • Member of the EU and the Eurozone

  • Sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, green valleys, mountainous villages, 340 days of sunshine

  • It has the world's oldest wine label - the famous Koumantaria

  • Cyprus haloumi is the real deal

  • Low Coast Living

  • Good roads/highways

  • One of the most beneficial tax regimes

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Paphos has a population of approximately 96,000 people.

Located on the southwest coast of the island, this region is sheltered from the north by the breathtaking Troodos Mountains and with its temperate climate, it is one of the healthiest in the whole of the Mediterranean. You can bask in sunshine all year round, whilst experiencing the warmth of welcoming people with a reputation for friendliness and hospitality.

Paphos  has a pleasant and relaxing harbour with a famous medieval fort. The region offers the possibility of enjoying both coastal areas and mountainous landscapes, as well as capturing a taste of the island's culture with its many world-famous archaeological sites. Paphos International Airport is located on the fringe of the city. There are four main municipalities in the Paphos region - Paphos Town, Geroskipou, Pegeia and Polis Chrysochous and each has its own collection of special attractions for you to discover.

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Cyprus maintains a land registry system in which all immovable property is registered. ‘Immovable Property’ is a term that relates to land, buildings, trees, plantations, rivers, wells and all rights relating to land and buildings.​

Cyprus Property Title Deeds, which are also known as ‘Certificates of Registration of Immovable Property’, are formal documents that serve as evidence of property ownership. Each piece of immovable property has an associated Title Deed which contains information such as its registered owner, size, location and the Lands' Office reference.​

‘Transfer of Ownership’ from the Vendor to the Purchaser is undertaken by a simple procedure through the Cyprus Land Registry Office, either by the buyer in person or by appointing a third party with power of attorney. The Transfer of Ownership requires a permit from the Council of Ministers. 

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