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Cyprus maintains a land registry system in which all immovable property is registered. ‘Immovable Property’ is a term that relates to land, buildings, trees, plantations, rivers, wells and all rights relating to land and buildings.

Cyprus Property Title Deeds, which are also known as ‘Certificates of Registration of Immovable Property’, are formal documents that serve as evidence of property ownership. Each piece of immovable property has an associated Title Deed which contains information such as its registered owner, size, location and the Lands' Office reference.

‘Transfer of Ownership’ from the Vendor to the Purchaser is undertaken by a simple procedure through the Cyprus Land Registry Office, either by the buyer in person or by appointing a third party with power of attorney. The Transfer of Ownership requires a permit from the Council of Ministers. 

Disadvantages of not having Title Deeds

  • You do not own your property and are therefore unable to enjoy the full benefits of property ownership, including the right to sell or transfer it to anyone you wish without reference to its registered owner.

  • Should you wish to sell, you need to cancel or transfer your contract of sale at the Land Registry enabling its registered owner to enter into a new sale agreement with your buyer. 

  • Under certain circumstances the legal owner of the property can still raise a mortgage on the land on which your property is built without your permission, even though you may have paid him for it in full.

  • If you have a property that was already mortgaged when you bought it, its legal owner may reschedule the loan, extend it, increase it, etc. without your consent or even your knowledge.

  • Property developers prey on buyers without Title Deeds by extorting huge amounts of money from them claiming that it is to pay their Immovable Property Tax.

  • You may have bought a property that has been built illegally; as a necessary precursor to issuing Title Deeds is a formal independent inspection to ensure the property has been built in accordance with thePlanning and Building Permits issued for its construction. 

  • You are unable to raise money against your property and unable to access any of the capital you have tied up in it through equity release loans and other schemes.

  • You are unable to make any changes to the property without the consent and the agreement of the Title Deed holder 

  • As the Cyprus financial institutions refuse to grant mortgages on resale properties without Title Deeds, anyone wishing to buy your home must be a cash buyer.

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